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Why have I not received any views yet?

It can take some time before the views start to show up for you!  Please be patient as YouTube analytics are not immediate.  They should show in analytics after roughly 24 hours.

How fast do you deliver?

The delivery rate depends on several factors such as the service you ordered and any add-ons. 

The delivery speed shown is average.  Add-ons that decrease delivery rate include drip speed and country/geo targetting (is not available now).  

Drip speed decreases the rate of delivery to the amount specified.  If you set drip speed to 2000 and ordered 100,000 then it will take 50 days to deliver.

What is drip speed?

When ordering views you normally have several options including one called "Drip speed".  This feature/add on allows you to change the amount of views sent to the video per day so instead of sending 50,000 in a day you can set Drip speed to 2,000 and have it receive that many per day for a total of 25 days.  This is a great option if you are looking to have a consistent view stream rather than a burst of views.

What are retention views?

When ordering retention views, it means that each viewer will watch your video for atleast 50% of the duration.  For videos longer than 30 minutes the retention rate drops signficantly and will be close to 0.

Why views are not available on my video?

This commonly occurs when delivering views.  The reason is that the video is unavailable to be viewed due to restrictions placed on the video.  These include but are not limited to:
1) Copyrighted content (video or music)

2) Country restricted

3) Mobile or desktop restricted

4) Age restricted

5) Requires a login