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Instagram Video Views

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Why should I buy Instagram Views?

Nowadays, if you have Videos on Instagram, it will display a view counter. This shows how many people have watched your videos. Loops count as just 1 view. The view counter is not (yet) available on the Instagram web version, but it does display inside the mobile application.
It is a feature that Instagram released in February 2016. Only Instagram Videos show views, not photos. A videos view count shows the views from within the mobile Instagram app, thus not from the desktop (web). View counts only show up on Instagram videos that are uploaded after 19 November 2015.

Are Views a replacement for Likes?

Definitely not. Views are something completely different than Likes. “Instagram Views” are not a replacement for “Instagram Likes”.

Firstly, photos on Instagram do not show/have Views at all. The level of popularity on Instagram is still judged by the number of Likes and Followers.
Also, you will still need Likes on your Instagram Videos in order to make them look good. The number of Likes on Videos are still being displayed, on both the mobile app, as well as the web-version.

All Instagram views orders begin within 24-48 hours after your order has been placed. Your views will continue growing on your video until your order is more than 100% complete.

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Video Service 5 product stars
"I purchased views for some of my BMX Bike tricks videos and it lead to my videos being featured on other sites because of the amount of views they had.I then started to see my views grow even bigger! It was a great choice!" Mike - 8/11/2017
Viral Aiding 5 product stars
"I use this service whenever I post a video I want to become more popular. I'm always sure to hashtag it and I find myself at the top of hashtag searches all the time! Thanks guys" Paper Plates T-Shirts - 8/11/2017
Increased My Online Presence 5 product stars
"I post videos. I visit Famoustube. I Purchase Views. It's a great relationship... It really has helped new people come to my page. So sick!" RoddyBiker - 8/11/2017

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