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Buy Retention YouTube Views

Buy Retention YouTube Views

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High Retention YouTube Views

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These views are very useful for ranking, since they will come from youtube searches and suggested youtube videos relevant to your niche.

Orders Started Within:7 Hours

These views have a watch time of 70-90%.

$2.60 inc. tax

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best 5 product stars
"I ordered 25,000 views a few days ago, with the works. I added also 500 likes and 100 shares and hoped for the best. After about 1 day, it was completed. Way ahead of schedule with over 29k views, 864 likes, and over 200+ shares" Jeff - 11/7/2016
Extras 5 product stars
"this is a really awesome service. I used it to promote all of my old views and new ones as I upload them. Ive never found a better or easier company to work with. They always complete it on time and they also surprise me with extras. my last order for 10k also gained 500+ likes, 200+ shares. I couldn't be more satisfied!" Ralph - 11/7/2016
Five stars service 5 product stars
"This was perfect!! Ive ordered from other sites like qqtube, and compared to them, Devumi is sooo much better. The views here are legit, from actual sources and the viewers are actually targeted. The biggest point though is that when you buy views, likes are INCLUDED!! & it comes with some dislikes as well, so it looks extremely natural. I am coming back for me guys, so expect me!" Anthony T. - 10/12/2016
Lovely 5 product stars
"The best service to promote any video, easily and on a budget. PERIOD. Very happy with my experience." MISHELE - 10/12/2016
Famoustube my star 5 product stars
"I was always against buying views because I always assumed it was some scam or I'd get scammed. But I kept hearing about Famoustube from friends and online, so through peer pressure, I tried it out and I really couldn't have been more surprised if I planned it out. I started gaining views within the hour, but more importantly was the stats I saw after a couple of days. It looked like real views, and I have no other reason to think otherwise other than the fact that I BOUGHT THEM. Weird as hell, but oddly enough, nothing but good things have some about it since I ordered. The views are still coming in and I'm getting more subscribers from the video. Im so conflicted inside, but I can't argue about the results. Solid service and incredible price point for real views." Emmy - 11/7/2016
im famous! 5 product stars
"YouTube video views services helped me that time when I was not in recognition on YouTube. Thanks guys for giving me wonderful service for my videos to gain fame in a very short time." Rosalia Taylor - 6/1/2017

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